Oral Histories

Interview of Bryon H. Atkinson (1984)

UCLA dean of students and athletic director. Interviewed because of connection to J.D. Morgan, UCLA tennis coach and athletic director.
Right Man at the Right Time: J. D. Morgan
Right Man at the Right Time: J.D. Morgan
UCLA and University of California History
UCLA Intercollegiate Athletics Staff
UCLA Administration
Rose, David A.
Atkinson, Byron H.
Supporting Documents:
Records relating to the interview are located in the office of the UCLA Library's Center for Oral History Research.
Regents of the University of California, UCLA Library.
Series Statement:
This series documents the contribution of UCLA Athletics Coach J.D. Morgan through interviews with individuals who had worked with Morgan both inside and outside the UCLA community.
Byron H. Atkinson on his memories of J. D. Morgan: Together with Morgan as UCLA undergraduates; Morgan’s undergraduate academic and athletic activities; War experiences; Postwar campus employment; As tennis coach and associate business manager; Professional contact with Morgan in l950s; Morgan’s chairmanship of Dykstra Hall planning committee; Work habits; Integration of work and family lives; Fundraising; Selection as athletic director; Formation of Athletic Advisory Board; Special Admissions Committee; Issues before the Athletic Advisory Board; Morgan’s approach to hiring decisions; Initial priority as athletic director: upgrade all facilities; Pauley Pavilion; Expanding and upgrading minor sports; The question of a campus football stadium; Areas of major involvement with Morgan; Equitable disciplinary action; Family life; Disciplinary action against athletes; Walter Byers; Morgan’s attitude toward violations of NCAA rules; Ticket selling by athletes; Morgan’s integrity; Salesmanship on the Special Admissions Committee; Philosophy of intercollegiate athletics; UCLA’s conditional admission summer program for athletes; Financing women’s athletics; Morgan “was color-blind as far as race was concerned”; Athletes and the press; Controversial conference Rose Bowl votes; Morgan’s attitude toward drugs and drinking; Weight problem; Drug use among UCLA athletes; NCAA jurisdiction over television appearances; Morgan’s disdain for “socialism” in intercollegiate athletic policy; Conference-wide pooling of revenues; Summation.