Oral Histories

Interview of Gustave O. Arlt (1983)

UCLA professor of German literature and language, founder of the UCLA Department of Theater Arts, and dean of the UCLA Graduate Division. Interviewed because of connection to UCLA Regent Edward A. Dickson.
"The Godfather of UCLA": Regent Edward A. Dickson
"The Godfather of UCLA": Regent Edward A. Dickson
UCLA and University of California History
UC Regents
Wutkee, Winston
Arlt, Gustave O.
Supporting Documents:
Records relating to the interview are located in the office of the UCLA Library's Center for Oral History Research.
Interviewee Retained Copyright
Series Statement:
This series contains reminiscences of individuals who knew University of California Regent Edward A. Dickson.
Gustave O. Arlt on his memories of Edward A. Dickson: Meeting Dickson; Dickson and Caughey; Dickson's visit to Horace's farm during 1950 European trip; collection of McGuffey's Readers; Arlt and Dickson as crime reporters; Dickson's political activities as power behind scenes in progressive movement; Johnson-Charles Evans Hughes feud; Harris Weinstock and Joseph Bonnheim scholarship; Charles Gayley's English classes at Berkeley; Bancroft Library; Abraham Lincoln letter; Ana de Packman, Los Angeles Historical Society, and Southern California Historical Society; Dickson's admiration for Theodore Roosevelt; Edwin Markham; Los Angeles Centennial Commission; Hugh Evans and Western Federal; Biltmore Hotel Development Corporation; Dickson and Guy Earl; friendship with William Gibbs McAdoo; Earl Warren; Dickson's influence on UCLA; Karl With and Rindge art collection; Dickson's attitude toward modern art; Arensberg collection.