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Interview of Robert G. Vosper

UCLA library director and director of the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library.
Libraries and the Inquiring Mind
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UCLA and University of California History
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Biographical Note:
UCLA library director and director of the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library.
Treleven, Dale E.
Vosper, Robert G.
Supporting Documents:
Records relating to the interview are located in the office of the UCLA Library's Center for Oral History Research.
Regents of the University of California, UCLA Library.
Childhood in Portland, Oregon; early interest in books; attends University of Oregon; majors in classics; attends University of California, Berkeley, School of Librarianship; Sydney B. Mitchell; works in the university library; gender makeup of the library profession; Everett T. Moore; reorganizes the library of the Pacific Union Club in San Francisco; accepts a job at Stanford University; Nathan Van Patten; book collecting; moves to Los Angeles; meets Lawrence Clark Powell at UCLA; works with the Academic Senate library committee at UCLA; sets up branch library system; Stafford L. Warren; Louise M. Darling; difficulties with L. Dale Coffman over the Law Library; ordering books from postwar European nations; implementation of the Farmington Plan; establishing central cataloging; origin of the Department of Special Collections; the emerging distinction between professional and nonprofessional library staff; the Friends of the UCLA Library; Robert and Blanche Campbell; Powell's personal and administrative style; library management versus business management; the Library Association of the University of California; trip to Mexico City to discuss microfilming Mexican church and government archives; the Benjamin Franklin Library in Mexico City; moves to Lawrence to become director of libraries at the University of Kansas (KU); meets Franklin D. Murphy; bringing KU medical library and law library under a central administration; insistence on librarians' membership in the Academic Senate; acquiring various collections for the KU library; building a special collections department; librarians Vosper hired at KU; hiring African American library staff; brief listing in lieu of full cataloging; Governor George Docking; organizes the first Kansas chapter of the American Association of University Professors; receives Guggenheim and Fulbright fellowships for study projects in Europe; travels in England; searches for antiquarian books in England; making library connections in Europe; returns to UCLA; Charles E. Young;