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Interview of Lulu Wolf Hassenplug

Dean of the UCLA School of Nursing.
UCLA School of Nursing's Founding Dean
UCLA and University of California History
Science, Medicine, and Technology
UCLA Faculty
UCLA Administration
Biographical Note:
Dean of the UCLA School of Nursing.
Goodfriend, Judi
Hassenplug, Lulu Wolf
Supporting Documents:
Records relating to the interview are located in the office of the UCLA Library's Center for Oral History Research.
Regents of the University of California, UCLA Library.
Stafford L. Warren; Hassenplug refuses to be director of nursing service for the UCLA Hospital; working with the medical school faculty; presenting the plan for a school of nursing to the Academic Senate; appointment as dean of the School of Nursing in 1949; working with the California State Board of Nurses Examiners to modify certification criteria; bringing Esther Lucile Brown and Margaret Bridgeman to UCLA; recruiting the first class; changing the nursing-student uniform; nursing programs begin in community colleges in the early 1950s; the UCLA master's program in nursing; problems in differentiating between nurses with different educational backgrounds; differences between UCLA's nursing education and programs at other universities; entrance requirements; nursing education in the Master Plan for Higher Education; the opening of the UCLA Center for Health Sciences; conflicts with the School of Medicine physicians over nursing-student responsibilities in the UCLA Hospital; Robert Gordon Sproul asks Hassenplug to advise the committee on educational policy on nursing education in the University of California system; Franklin D. Murphy; medical men in university administration biased against nursing schools; working with Shirley Titus and the California Nurses Association to develop the licensed vocational nurse program; working with the Western Interstate Commission on Higher Education; the Western Council on Higher Education for Nursing (WCHEN); fundamental transformations of nurses' self-images; WCHEN prepares an intensive study of the UCLA School of Nursing program; a two-year post-master's program in nursing; difficulties in getting faculty promotions; the University of California refuses to approve the School of Nursing doctoral program; marrying Harry Hassenplug; public health nursing in Alaska; planning for a School of Nursing building; Murphy opposes expansion of the School of Nursing; helping University of California, San Francisco, School of Nursing revise its curriculum; awards and honors; decision to take an early retirement in 1968; organizing professional support for the School of Nursing; Murphy leaves UCLA and his plan to close the School of Nursing is dropped; professional activities after retirement; UCLA School of Nursing after Hassenplug's retirement; a doctoral program is finally approved.