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Interview of Charles Farwell Edson Jr.

University of Wisconsin-Madison professor of history. Son of social activist and feminist Katherine Philips Edson.
Katherine Philips Edson Remembered
Z: Orphan Interviews pre 1999
Politics and Government
Biographical Note:
University of Wisconsin-Madison professor of history. Son of social activist and feminist Katherine Philips Edson.
Braitman, Jacqueline R.
Edson, Charles Farwell Jr.
Supporting Documents:
Records relating to the interview are located in the office of the UCLA Library's Center for Oral History Research.
Interviewee Retained Copyright
Charles Farwell Edson, Jr.: Epaphras Wordsworth Edson; Charles Farwell Edson, Sr.'s childhood; marriage to Katherine Philips; problems in their marriage; Charles and Kathe-rine work for women's suffrage; Katharane Edson runs away from home; Katherine helps son Philips with medical career; Katherine an excellent speaker; Maude Philips, schoolteacher; Katherine's father, William Hunter Philips, involved in women's rights; the Los Angeles Friday Morning Club; Katherine Edson appointed to California Industrial Welfare Commission; her strong interest in labor as a Hiram W. Johnson progressive; A. B. C. Dohrmann; separation and divorce; Philips Edson's children, Charles Richard and Elizabeth; Katherine's involvement with International Conference for the Limitation of Armaments; Charles, Jr., receives Ph.D. at Harvard University; Katherine's devotion to son Philips; Katherine campaigns for Charles Evans Hughes in 1916 presidential election; her support of organized labor; investigates women's working conditions in canneries; minimum wage law declared unconstitutional; Katherine leaves Industrial Welfare Commission; Collier's magazine article; Philips Edson active despite infantile paralysis; Katharane and mother's disagreements; Katharane's three marriages; Katherine helps Charles, Jr., get into Harvard; firing of Jessie Randolph, Edson family's maid; Charles Farwell Edson, Sr.'s personality; Katherine's success has negative effect on husband; Katharane not interested in mother's career; Katherine supports lowering the minimum wage; attempts to organize women on a mass scale; Katherine's constant worries over family finances.