Oral Histories

Interview of Margarete Clark

Member of the Los Angeles City Board of Education and president of the Business and Professional Women's Club of Los Angeles.
Crusader in Public Service
Politics and Government
Henstell, Bruce
Clark, Margarete L., $d 1889-1986
Supporting Documents:
Records relating to the interview are located in the office of the UCLA Library's Center for Oral History Research.
Regents of the University of California, UCLA Library.
Childhood and early education in Germany; emigrates alone to United States, 1907; marriage to John Grant Clark; arrival in Los Angeles, 1920; president, Business and Professional Women's Club of Los Angeles, 1934-35; persuaded to run for office on Los Angeles City Board of Education; supports first black teacher hired at Jefferson High School; Mayor Frank Shaw and brother, Joseph Shaw; corruption in school building procedures; nominated to Los Angeles County Housing Authority by John Anson Ford, 1937; three housing projects built; Clifford Clinton and recall of Mayor Shaw; introduction of sex education in schools; rights of teachers to marry; teacher tenure and Judge John Gee Clark; meeting Eleanor Roosevelt; support from Manchester Boddy of Los Angeles Daily News and Judge Harlan Palmer of Hollywood Citizen News; position of Los Angeles Times and Norman Chandler; chief, California Division of Industrial Welfare in Governor Culbert L. Olson's administration; cooperation from Buron Fitts in prosecuting employer violations of law; change from Republican to Democratic Party; early business experience; opposing exploitation of home sweatshop workers in Chinatown; Assistance League; Helen Gahagan Douglas and Richard M. Nixon; attacked by Rheba Crawford; raising money for the March of Dimes; invited by U. S. Attorney General Thomas C. Clark to participate in juvenile delinquency conference, Washington, D.C.; effect of Proposition 13 (June 1978); Ronald W. Reagan; Thomas Bradley.