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Interview of Henry J. Bruman

UCLA professor of geography and director of the University of California Study Center at the Georg-August Universität, Göttingen.
Generous Teacher, Gracious Benefactor
UCLA and University of California History
UCLA Faculty
Novak, Steven J.
Bruman, Henry J.
Supporting Documents:
Records relating to the interview are located in the office of the UCLA Library's Center for Oral History Research.
Regents of the University of California, UCLA Library.
takes a junior professorship at Pennsylvania State University; differences in style between the East and West Coasts; works on the government's Project M, immigrant resettlement program; postdoctoral studies at Harvard University; UCLA offers position; Bruman's method of teaching; huge numbers of returning veterans enroll at UCLA; begins to buy and sell real estate for profit; visits Jicaltepec, Mexico; in 1951, spends year on sabbatical in Brazil; second trip to Brazil, 1955-56; the State Department initiates a cultural exchange program between UCLA and various Colombian universities; Bruman placed in charge of six-week student exchange; Bruman heads Brazilian exchange program, 1963-66; awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to Portugal; invited to become director of the University of California Education Abroad Program in Germany; teaching at the University of Göttingen; chairman of geography department, 1957-66; Joseph E. Spencer; power struggles within the department; creation of the map library; map librarian Carlos B. Hagen; map library named after Bruman; Bruman once questioned by the Federal Bureau of Investigation about his research; under Chancellor Franklin D. Murphy, UCLA realizes its full potential; Robert Vosper; unfortunate break between Bruman and Frederick Leonard; Gustave O. Arlt; twice awarded the Göttingen University Medal; student unrest at UCLA in the 1960s; philanthropy; establishes a fellowship in cultural historical geography; gives substantial grants to UCLA libraries; establishes the Henry J. Bruman Education Foundation; structures giving around personal and professional interests; financing the Bruman Foundation; the board of trustees; memorable students; wins three distinguished teaching awards; tracks down his father's family; meets General Wolf von Baudissin; Irmgard, Countess von Baudissin; continuing work at UCLA.