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Interview of Ann Sumner (1982)

Chief publicist for University Extension and active UCLA alumna.
Distinguished Alumna
Interviews not in a series, part one
UCLA and University of California History
UCLA Administration
Biographical Note:
Chief publicist for University Extension and active UCLA alumna.
Wutkee, Winston
Sumner, Ann
Supporting Documents:
Records relating to the interview are located in the office of the UCLA Library's Center for Oral History Research.
Regents of the University of California, UCLA Library.
Family background in New York State; move to Altadena, California, following father's death; attending Normal School Elementary School and University of Southern California Preparatory School; editing high school and college page of Los Angeles Express at fifteen; meeting Edward A. and Wilhelmina Dickson; living with the Dicksons; Los Angeles High School; newspaper work during college years; University of California, Southern Branch; David Bjork; Frank J. Klingberg; Waldemar Westergaard; Paul Périgord; Frederick Woellner; Louis Koontz; Frederic Blanchard; Loye Holmes Miller; Malibu and Rindge family; Charles H. Rieber; Lily Bess Campbell; Helen Laughlin; Evalyn Thomas; early campus architecture; Earl J. Miller; dormitory willed to UCLA by Mira Hershey; Dickson's influence on UCLA development; Ernest Carroll Moore; joining university publicity staff; working at Los Angeles Express after graduation; return to UCLA publicity work and University Extension Division; early Westwood; Dickson named regent; Ralph Bunche; women at UCLA; Moore's fears of communists; Vern O. Knudsen; establishing Graduate Division; Frederick Thorne-Rider; origins of Gold Shield; UCLA Affiliates; Hansena Frederickson; California of the Southland, 1937; UCLA on the Move, 1969; Extension Division News; extension radio series; Earle Hedrick; Robert Gordon Sproul; Andrew J. Hamilton; travels with Dicksons, 1931, 1936, and 1938; Olympic Games, 1936; anti-Semitism in Germany and Austria; war preparations; Sproul founds California Club; statewide coordination; Ebell Club work; extension war-training programs; J. Robert Oppenheimer; Bertrand Russell; Lawrence Clark Powell; Lindley Bynum; Dickson and the Walter and Louise Arensberg collection; Karl With; Walter Starkie; board of UCLA Progress Fund; Faculty Women's Club; Faculty Center; Clarence A. Dykstra; Neil H. Jacoby; Stafford L. Warren and UCLA medical school; William C. Ackerman; Dickson and Tennis Patrons Association; Friends of the Library; Majl Ewing; Raymond B. Allen; L. Dale Coffman; Gustave O. Arlt; German émigré community; Alma Mahler Werfel; Horace W. Magoun; UCLA Art Council; Mrs. Sidney Temple; Vincent Price; Friends of the Performing Arts; Design for Sharing; Franklin D. Murphy; Charles E. Young; Office of Public Affairs; Agnes Robb and Sproul; future of UCLA.